Moslem Friendly Hotel
Muslim-Friendly Facilities

The concept of Islamic Hotel in Adya Hotel begins from the architecture of the building itself. Providing facilities which are convenient to be used by all of our beloved guests, all of these facilities never at once discriminate our guest of other belief, instead it guarantees a comfort and pleasure environment to everyone staying in our hotels.

1) Separate Swimming Pool
In Adya Hotel, we provide two kind of swimming pools. Being one is for family activities to enjoy with their beloved spouses and children, another pool is created specifically for female or ladies only. With this designation, we expect that it will gives convenience to all of our female guest especially Muslimah who are unable to swim as they are not permitted to reveal 'aurah (part of their bodies).

2) Prayer Room
Despite of our generous built of rooms which gives enough space for our Muslim guests to pray, we also provide a specific prayer room to be utilized for Jama'ah prayer (mass prayer) by our guests and staffs. Not to mention, we will recite azan through the hotels speakers at each prayer times, and having Jama'ah prayer with all of our staffs at the prayer room. All of our guests are cordially invited.

3) Muslim Friendly Rooms
In each of our rooms, we strive to provide a better facilities for all of our Muslim guests. Apart from providing a holy book of al-Quran and Yaasin booklet, our rooms also provide a specific pipe for ablution. You also can find the prayer mat in the room as well as the Qiblah direction together with the monthly prayer time schedule, and its all provided just for our Muslim's guests convenience.