Moslem Friendly Hotel
Muslim-Friendly Activities

In Adya Hotel, there are lot of activities that have been done in order to facilitate the soul of our staffs to give the best service as well as to ensure that the Hotel operation is always in Syariah compliance. Most of the activities are welcomed to be joined by our beloved guests as well.

1) Jama'ah Prayer
Our management are committed to instil the environment of having Jama'ah prayer with all of our staff at each prayer times especially during working hours (Zohor and 'Asar prayer). All of our guests are cordially invited to join us whenever possible.

2) Contribution to Asnaf (Needy people) Funds
As contribution to the society is one of our main efforts, we would like to share this continuous Jariyah with the staffs and our guests as well. Some fund boxes are provided at the Reception Counter and Restaurant Counter so that everyone may join our efforts to contribute to the needy.

3) Weekly Al-Quran (Surah Yaasin) Recitation
Since opening, our Management has decided to have have some leisure times with all of our staffs to recite al-Quran together despite of our busy work schedule. Surah Yaasin has been chosen to be recited as it is more convenient to everyone and this program normally will be held on every Thursday after having Zohor prayer together. All of our guests are cordially invited.

4) Religious Talk/Lecture/Sharing
Adya Hotel from time to time will hold a religious talk or lecture so that it will benefits all of our staffs in terms of their soul improvement. This talk/lecture will be held and organized by the Management once in a month or two months, and usually it will be opened to all of the communities in Langkawi as part of our CSR as well. Our guests are specially invited.