Moslem Friendly Hotel
Muslim-Friendly Services

Without disregard the basic hoteliers services from heart to all of our guests, an exceptional services are provided to our guests of Islamic belief as well.

1) Free Shuttle Van to the Mosque for Juma'ah (Friday) Prayer
Every Friday, all of Muslim males are required to go the mosque for Juma'ah prayer. Therefore, as an Islamic Hotel, a free shuttle van will be provided to all of our Muslim guests and staffs who want to go to the mosque for Juma'ah prayer.

2) Greetings
Despite of the normal greetings, Adya Hotel emphasizes on all of its staffs to give the best greetings from heart. Begin with 'Assalamualaikum' which means 'peace be upon you', we are continuously strive to ensure that this kind of greetings is always be at the mouth tip of our staffs, hence would create a pleasant atmosphere throughout the hotel.

3) Corporate Social Respnsibility (CSR)
As an Islamic hotel, we believe that the business profit is not our sole objective in running a business. Apart from struggling to achieve the targeted revenues, our management is committed to contribute and share part of our profits to the needy and helpless community surrounding of our hotel. As we believe, the more we give, the more we get, this core principles made us to be more responsible to contribute anything we have from our heart.